Photo Session With Tennis Pro, Cameron Lickle

Cameron on tennis court.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011, Steve and I had the distinct pleasure of photographing Cameron Lickle in and around the Sun Valley area. Cameron is a pro tennis player and business partner with Mats Wilander. Together they run the WOW (Wilander on Wheels) Fantasy Tennis Camps. He and Mats had been giving private lessons and putting on WOW Clinics at Zenergy Health Club and Spa at Thunder Spring, in Ketchum, Idaho.

Several people had mentioned the idea of modeling to Cameron, though he had never really thought about it seriously.  With the encouragement from Kerry Samudio, Marketing Director at Thunder Spring, he agreed to get one shoot under his belt and see where it might lead.  Acting as his agent, Kerry contacted Steve and me requesting that we take some photographs for Cameron’s portfolio. Kerry and I worked together to create a script, and determine wardrobe and props for the shoot. We think and operate very much the same, and it was great having her on set with us during the photo shoot.

Steve and I scouted the Sun Valley area the day before the shoot and came up with 6 various locations. We photographed Cameron at each spot before ending up in a studio setting for a few additional scenes.

Cameron with towel.

Cameron on fence.

Cameron Lickle leans on fence.

Cameron Lickle

Cameron Lickle

Cameron Lickle

Cameron Lickle sips an espresso.

Cameron Lickle laughing.

Cameron Lickle on phone.

Cameron Lickle

Cameron Lickle in suit.

Cameron Lickle in jacket and sunglasses.

Cameron Lickle

Cameron had never been photographed as a “model” before, only as an athlete.  He took direction incredibly well and in my humble opinion, did a remarkable job.  He was as nice as he was handsome and Steve and I thoroughly enjoyed spending our day with him and Kerry.

We’re hopeful that some of these photographs will help get him started with his modeling career. We’ve encouraged him to “go for broke” and head straight to the big agencies. First stop, New York. We wish him the best of luck!

We invite you to post a comment to let us and Cameron know what you think.


3 Responses to Photo Session With Tennis Pro, Cameron Lickle

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great Pics!!!!!!
    Mitchel T

  2. Ashley oneil says:

    so this is what you’re up to!!’
    Look great! Fun! Go for it!

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